Lead Poisoning Prevention

Our staff is available to conduct virtual and in-person presentations upon request. Contact us for more information.

The Lead Poisoning Prevention Program works to eliminate childhood lead poisoning and maintain healthy and safe homes. The program’s educational services are geared toward children ages six and younger, their parents, and pregnant women.

The program coordinates four Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (CLPP) Coalitions: the Elizabeth Coalition (which includes Plainfield), the Hudson County Coalition, the Morris/Sussex/Warren Coalition, and the Passaic/Bergen/Essex Coalition. Coalition members include health officers, health inspectors, public health nurses, community-based organizations, child care center staff, and HMO representatives.

The Coalitions work to decrease lead exposure and access to non-lead paint sources, to help families take steps to prevent lead poisoning, and to help families and homeowners maintain healthy and safe homes.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention staff members are public health experts who provide the following services at community agencies:

  • Free and exciting presentations to children 6 years and younger using the “Elmo Lead Away” video.
  • Free lead prevention and healthy homes workshops to programs that serve children and pregnant women.
  • Free lead prevention and healthy homes workshops to tenants and property owners (owner-occupied and tenant-occupied units).

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Learn if lead in the water is a concern in your town and how to reduce your risk.

Learn how easy it is to make your own hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 outbreak in this video produced by our talented Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention team!  View all of our CLPPP videos.

Online Resources:

American Academy of Pediatrics
EPA Lead Program
National Center for Healthy Housing
NJ Poison Control Center
Safe Kids New Jersey
New Jersey Department of Health
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): lead recalls
US Food and Drug Administration: safety & recalls

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