Partnership Programs Recognized at Annual Conference

Partnership staff attended the APHA 2019 Annual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia earlier this month.

The American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting and Expo recognized the outstanding work of Partnership community initiatives. This preeminent conference, held earlier this month in Philadelphia, brings together nearly 13,000 public health professionals from across the U.S. and the world annually to share best practices. The Partnership was well-represented with academic posters, oral presentations, and a video screening.

“I am very proud of the staff and their outstanding work,” said Liliana Pinete, Chief Operating Officer of the Partnership for Maternal and Child Health. “This conference is an incredible opportunity to share our best practices, as well as to learn from our peers in public health. We continually strive for professional development and provide support to our staff to develop innovative ways to best serve our communities.”

Amy Gole, Director of Education at the Partnership for Maternal & Child Health, presents her poster on supporting sustained breastfeeding at APHA.

Partnership team members presented a variety of trend-setting information at the conference. Posters on effectively increasing first-trimester prenatal care; preventing alcohol use during pregnancy; interventions to reduce exposure to lead in the home; an educational model for nurses to support sustained breastfeeding; prevention of health hazards for nurses and families enrolled in-home visitation programs were featured.

Presentations at the meeting also highlighted the success of current Partnership initiatives. Emily Haines shared an oral presentation on HPV vaccine promotion strategies and Irina Polanco Ventura discussed a review on hospital policies regarding Postpartum Depression in low-income urban areas with her peers. An overview of ‘Making Proud Choices,” a Partnership-sponsored teen sexual risk-reduction program was shared by Lizbeth Cruz. An outstanding video on overcoming opioid addiction, created by the Perinatal Addictions Prevention Program, was presented by Judith King.


Improving Mothers’ Experiences with Milk Expression, Pumping, and Breastfeeding Initiation: An education model for hospital nurses to support sustained breastfeeding in northern New Jersey

Healthy Homes Toolkits: An Intervention to Promote Prevention of Home Health Hazards for Families Enrolled in Northern NJ Home Visitation Programs

Free Pregnancy Testing: A strategic approach to increase early onset of prenatal care in Passaic County, NJ 

Prevention of Alcohol Use during Pregnancy: Implementation of the Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Model in Home Visitation and Community Health Worker Programs in Northern New Jersey

Public health concerns for nurse home visitors: Prevalence assessment and policy development PDSA cycle to promote health and wellness for staff and clients


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