It’s Flu Season: Protect Yourself, Protect Others

While seasonal influenza is detected year-round, in the United States, the peak season runs from mid-fall to late spring because the flu virus is more active and spreads faster when temperatures are cold.

It’s important to emphasize that the highest number of flu cases are reported between December and February during most flu seasons when temperatures are the lowest, and the air is dry. Therefore, it is vital to be ready and get your shot as soon as possible to protect yourself and to protect others.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Bienstock, from PediatriCare Associates and a member of our Board of Directors, discusses the importance of the flu vaccine for both children and adults.  He also answers questions about receiving flu and COVID vaccines simultaneously and discusses essential information about why it is necessary to protect against influenza, especially during this flu season.

Protect yourself, protect others, get a flu shot!  Learn more at

Watch the interview here.

The New Jersey Influenza Action Group is recruiting public health partners. All participating organizations must be based in or serve New Jersey residents and include health care centers, schools, childcare centers, physicians’ offices, and more. Members will receive benefits including an influenza digital toolkit, the chance to provide input in the Power to Protect campaign, and opportunities to network with other organizations at exclusive virtual events. To join the Action Group, click here.

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