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New Jersey Department of Health
“Community Health Workers for COVID Response and Resilient Communities (CCR)”
Date Issued: May 16, 2022
Date Due: May 31, 2022

Summary of Request

The Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey (PMCH) will fund Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as subgrantees, such as, but not limited to civic and social organizations, food banks, faith-based organizations, etc. to build capacity and provide outreach and coordination to NJDOH’s identified priority populations. CBO partners will work with PMCH to respond to the needs of priority populations utilizing Community Health Workers and community programing. CBOs will engage & deploy CHWs and integrate CHWs into community settings and community planning to address the social determinants of health needs of priority populations, which include but not limited to, housing and shelter, food insecurity, WIC, childcare and parenting, healthcare, mental health and addictions, employment and income, clothing and household, childcare and parenting, government, and legal services. Each CBO partner should identify population of focus in grant proposal. The funding provided through these mini-grants will be used to complement and enhance, not duplicate, existing public health initiatives serving priority populations. This work will be prioritized under the Colette Lamothe-Galette Community Health Worker (CLG-CHW) Institute as it seeks to enhance the COVID-19 related knowledge, training and work performance of community health workers statewide.

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FINAL CCR_CBO_Minigrant RFP_May16


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