Partner Highlight: Center for Family Resources

Collaboration is central to the Partnership’s work in the community. We work with other non-profit and community organizations to best meet the needs of the people we serve. Mariekarl Vilceus-Talty, President and CEO, recently had the pleasure of meeting with Elaine V. Ruhl, Executive Director of the Center for Family Resources and touring their Ringwood headquarters.

The Center for Family Resources is dedicated to promoting the general well-being of all children and their families. The organization strives to build partnerships with families and the community to provide high-quality, comprehensive child development and family strengthening services. The organization offers numerous child and family programs that focus on child development, child care, parent education, nutrition, and emergency assistance including Head Start, Early Head Start, and the Highlands Family Success Center.

Elaine Ruhl serves on the Partnership’s Board of Trustees, providing leadership and valuable insight into the needs of Passaic County residents.

The Center for Family Resources offers services throughout thirteen Passaic County locations. Passaic County’s diverse geography presents significant challenges. In the northern area of the county, the lack of accessible transportation and adequate housing are barriers to healthcare, family self-sufficiency, and a sense of community. The southern area of the county is densely populated. Transportation is more accessible and there are more housing opportunities, but they are less affordable, straining family resources.

“If we want to change the paradigm in public health, collaboration is vital. I truly enjoyed meeting with Elaine and her outstanding team. I look forward to expanding our work together to best serve Passaic County families,” shared Mariekarl Vilceus-Talty.

During the visit, the Center for Family Resources shared their community insights and strategized with Mariekarl Vilceus-Talty to identify collaborative opportunities.  The Partnership and the Center for Family Resources work closely together to cross-refer and support families throughout Passaic County. Additionally, Elaine Ruhl serves on the Partnership’s Board of Trustees, providing valuable leadership and insight.

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