In Celebration of Earth Day: April 22

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In observance of  Earth Day on April 22, we are encouraging everyone to participate in ways to continue protecting the earth. With the help from our Eco-Healthy Child Care training program conducted by the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, childhood health care providers will learn new ways to eliminate environmental health hazards in childcare facilities.

For recycling and garbage storage, some suggested tips include: instituting a recycling program that children can participate in, making sure indoor garbage containers have tight-fitting lids, and recycling any items containing mercury. Creating a safer environment that instills small changes and prevention strategies geared towards reducing children’s exposure to toxic chemicals can make a tremendous impact on their lives as well as physical and mental well-being.

Learn more on how you can be a part of protecting the earth. Happy Earth Day!

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