Advocating for Maternal Health

A Message from Ilise Zimmerman, President and CEO.

Today, January 23, is New Jersey Maternal Health Awareness Day. It is an important day to recognize that any woman can face risks to her health during pregnancy and delivery. These risks include medical issues like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and excessive blood loss as well as mental health issues including perinatal mood disorders and post-partum depression. To prevent pregnancy complications, programs like ours support women before, during and after pregnancy.

But the stark reality is that maternal mortality rates in the United States have risen since the 1990s. According to the United Health Foundation, New Jersey ranks 45th in pregnancy-related deaths. Black women are three to four times more likely to die during or after delivery than White women.

Race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic standing should never influence the quality of maternal care a woman receives.

Since 1992, the Partnership has been committed to addressing this urgent health crisis and changing the narrative for the women of New Jersey.

Professional workshops and in-services including as our Annual Maternal Health and Safety Symposium, engage health care professionals to implement best practices to reduce health disparities. Our home visitation programs, support groups, and community education initiatives support and empower pregnant and parenting mothers. Our Family Success Centers connect communities and promote good health for family members of all ages. We also work with health care administrators, key influencers, and government officials to advocate for an end to systemic racial bias in maternal and child health.

Across the Partnership, we are honoring maternal health awareness day with educational programs and awareness campaigns.  I urge you to join us in support of maternal health.  Learn the facts and view the videos below from the New Jersey Department of Health.

Together, our efforts can make a significant difference and help save the lives of women across New Jersey.

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