“2 Protects 2” Promotes Vaccinations During Pregnancy

The Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey and Families Fighting Flu are pleased to announce a new educational campaign. The 2 Protects 2 campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of the flu and whooping cough vaccinations during pregnancy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a 2020 study* noted that only 40% of pregnant women in the United States receive the recommended influenza and Tdap vaccines. These vaccines are critical to protecting the health of the mother and the newborn infant. Maternal immunization for pertussis is vital for protecting young infants at high risk of severe complications of whooping cough in the first two months of life. Flu vaccination during pregnancy reduces the mother’s risk of hospitalization from flu by 40% and provides passive immunity to the baby.

Through a series of diverse focus groups with nurses, pregnant women, and new mothers, the Partnership and Families Fighting Flu created a series of educational handouts that provide facts and emphasize vaccine safety during pregnancy.

The English-language postcard is one of eight variations of the educational materials.

“Expectant mothers are bombarded with health information. It can be overwhelming,” shared Emily Haines, the Partnership’s Director of Public Health Initiatives. “We need to make it clear that flu and whooping cough vaccinations are recommended by physicians, effective, and safe for both mother and baby.”

“Influenza and pertussis pose a serious risk to pregnant women and infants,” says Serese Marotta, Chief Operating Officer of Families Fighting Flu. “Through our collaboration with the Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey, it’s our goal to increase public awareness about the importance of maternal vaccinations, especially among African American and Latina communities.”

The materials, including flyers, postcards, and bookmarks in English and Spanish, will be are available online for wide distribution and will be utilized through the Partnership’s pregnancy programs and home visitation initiatives. Physicians, clinics, hospitals, and community organizations who work with expectant mothers in northern New Jersey can order free pre-printed materials here.

This program is funded through an unrestricted educational grant from GSK. For more information, visit www.partnershipmch.org or www.familiesfightingflu.org

*Influenza and Tdap Vaccination Coverage Among Pregnant Women

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